How can any organization boost sales with the help of mobile apps?

Kapil Sharma
2 min readMar 22, 2022


Are you also one of those who have a doubt about whether their business needs a mobile application or not? Have you been debating about it for a long time? Then Intelikart help you know that you need to have a mobile application if you want to grow in the right direction. With all the businesses going digital, it really becomes a necessity that you are also there for your customers whenever they need you. If your business is available on the go, it will also help you increase sales and enjoy a better ROI.

In the United Kingdom alone, 78% of individuals have access to the internet via mobile and smart devices. In 2017, adults most often connected to the internet via their mobile devices (73 percent). The mobile application development services market is growing and growing only as more and more people switch to mobile smart devices via PC or laptop every year. Only 43 percent of users use a “regular” desktop or laptop.

Direct communication with the customer and involvement
One of the reasons your business needs the application is to improve direct customer connections. Enterprise mobile application development provides a way of billing direct contact between customers and businesses with access to a large amount of information at the touch of a button. The information gathered by consumers through these applications is extremely useful for all businesses, with the potential for buyers and buyers to assist in the development of marketing campaigns.

Increase customer participation
Clients need to hear and convey a simple form of communication. Customers will always let you know they want a solution for your service or purchase. They want clay. Or they want clay. With the concept of how quickly a consumer can express their problems and get an answer, the less likely they are to publish a bad review, the design, and development of a mobile application speed up both processes.

Increase market sensitivity
The mobile application is an extension of your brand and thus an opportunity to stay true to branding and, at the same time, explore how it will be presented on a new and unique digital platform. It can also be seen as a new advertising platform for the company to make your brand more visible and thus aware of what you want.

Create a profitable marketing channel
Creating custom applications allows consumers to receive instant alerts and information. For example, suppose this information contains information about special offers and discounts that is useful and relevant to them. In that case, it will help you create loyal clients who will appreciate the application with app builder .

You may now be communicating online with your consumers. You can have a simple website or provide your clients with a web portal (e.g., online store, reservation system, product configurator). No code app builder like Intelikart create online and mobile applications for small businesses. It takes few steps to create and get it running.