Kapil Sharma
2 min readMar 16, 2022


Everything you need to know about no-code apps

The popularity of code-free applications and platforms has grown in recent years; It is also called a low code application or no code app builder based on some features, but these are two different things. Although it started as a basic solution for people without coding skills who wanted to know the basics of app development, there is no code development that is currently considered a useful and effective way to build applications. Some of these alternatives are often used to create basic mobile and web applications with little programming experience from their developers.

Code literacy
Code-making skills are becoming increasingly important in the workplace around the world. There seems to be no question — many future interviews in the job centre about the need to update employees. Even schools are beginning to educate young people how to code at a young age, focused on STEM careers. This paradigm shift can be partly attributed to the growing digitilization and automation in the world.

Create an application
There is a misunderstanding about application development. Many people feel that knowledge of programming languages ​​is all that is needed. In fact, it’s just part of what it takes to build an application.

Creating an application is not a big science, but it is also not easy. It requires a diverse group of specialists with non-coding skills. Although a standard version of a business application with drag-and-drop functionality and design templates is possible, many additional features, such as experienced application developers, are still needed to complete the project. These are some of the key ingredients.

Create a user interface to meet your business needs
It’s not just what’s happening in terms of programming languages ​​when it comes to web and mobile applications. Customers and users generally want an intuitive interface that gives them access to simple application features. Doing things in a unique way requires a unique set of skills.

User interaction
A better idea of ​​the user experience is more important than the interface. This refers to the overall customer experience (CX) that the user feels when interacting with the application.

Design elements
There is a lot going on when designing an application when it comes to application design. The application involves much more than just coding, from using design thinking to understanding what makes robust design useful.

Project Management and DevOps
When it comes to application development, it’s not just about code solutions. It has many other components, including DevOps. As more and more technologies become a cloud, application developers need to understand how to ensure that their applications work effectively in solving business problems. This requires not only making the application available for download but also keeping it up-to-date, securing it, guaranteeing data privacy, and ensuring its scalability.

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